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Wills and Other Important Documents

Everyone's estate should be safeguarded by a properly and professionally drawn and executed will. State laws and the court will decide how your assets are treated and even the future of your children following your death. Therefore the absence of a will prevents you from making the decisions about how you want these important issues handled. Your will should be reviewed and updated every few years as necessary due to any life changes.

After your passing, your will must be probated in court. The court must approve the executor and an estate inventory will be prepared and filed. Taxes and debts must also be recognized and often an attorney or accountant may be involved in this process.

Without professional assistance in drawing up a will, there will be much more difficulty, hardship, delays and expenses at the time of death. A homemade or “do-it-yourself” will likely not stand up in court.

Therefore we recommend you seek reliable, professional help in the preparing your will. We also recommend you to update it regularly as circumstances dictate, for important issues protecting your estate and most importantly, to protect your loved ones who are left behind.

Social Security Information

It is also important to remember your Social Security benefits must be applied for. They are not paid automatically. These benefits must be applied for within a specific time frame. You will need the following documents to claim Social Security benefits:
  • Birth certificate of applicant
  • Birth certificate of deceased
  • Birth certificate of minor children 
  • Death certificate
  • Disability proof for children of 18 
  • Funeral bill receipt
  • Marriage certificate
  • Social security card of deceased
In addition to various retirement and support payments, there are certain lump sum benefits your spouse may qualify for. Also, a widow, widower, dependent children or dependent parents may be eligible to receive benefits.

For current information about Social Security benefits and claim procedures, contact your local Social Security office or call the national toll-free number at 1-800-243-5772. You may write to your local office or to the national Social Security office at: 
Social Security Administration
Baltimore, MD 21238

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Information and Benefits for Veterans

If you are an honorably discharged veteran, you or your family may be entitled to a number of educational, medical and death benefits. Veterans' benefits must be applied for and are not paid automatically. There is a time limit for claiming these benefits. When filing your claim for veterans' benefits, the following documents are required:
  • Copy of veteran’s marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of veteran’s minor children
  • Veteran’s discharge papers
  • Veteran’s death certificate
  • Receipt of itemized funeral bill for veteran
The types of benefits available and the criteria for qualification can change from time to time, so it is important to obtain the latest, up-to-date information. For more information, contact your local or regional office of the U.S. Departments of Veteran’s Affairs at 1-202-872-1151.

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Global Shipping or Local Transportation of Remains

Martin Home For Service can ship your deceased loved one to any foreign country with the assurance that the remains will arrive at its destination in proper condition. Our professional staff has over 40 years of experience in global shipping procedures. For this service, we will need the following information:
  • A valid passport
  • All statistical information
  • Consulate address
  • Name and address of receiving funeral home
  • Airport in foreign country
  • Funeral home in foreign country
We also provide transportation from our location in Montclair, NJ to any cemetery or facility within a 500-mile radius.

Additionally, we make house calls to come and help remove the deceased.
memorial service
Our caring staff at Martin's Home For Service Inc can even assist you in going through the five stages of grief.

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